Top 5 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

Devices today can do so many things that it is almost too much to think about. There are some great shortcuts that are often overlooked but can save you time and make everyday actions easier. If you have anything to add let us know in the comments!

1. Turn On Airplane Mode For Faster Charging

We've all been in a pinch where our iPhone battery was low and we were about to leave. For fast charging when you really need it turn on 'Airplane Mode' to charge your battery faster. This disables all radios in your phone (the most power hungry features are the radios for internet, bluetooth and wifi). Since you're not using as much power it directs more juice to filling up the battery! 

2. Press The 'Power' Button & 'Home' Button To Take A Screenshot

It's great to be able to capture what is on your screen and the iPhone makes it easy to do this. Simply press the 'power' and 'home' buttons at the same time and your screen will flash, indicating that it has taken a screen shot.

3. Shake Your iPhone To Undo Text or Photo Edits

Did you make a mistake typing a text or email or while editing a photo? Shake your iPhone for an option to edit or undo that action. This makes it very easy to create the document that says exactly what you want it to.

4. Take A Photo With The Volume Buttons

You take snap a picture using the volume buttons while in the camera app on your iPhone. This can make it much easier than stretching to reach the on screen capture button. BONUS: You can use your iPhone ear buds with the built in volume controls as a remote shutter. This can eliminate any camera shake from reaching for and pressing the buttons!

5. Swipe Left To See Timestamp In iMessage

Ever wonder what time that text came in? While in a message you can swipe left to reveal the timestamp of every message.