Make TouchID Better on your iPhone

TouchID is a great feature that actually works, unlike similar fingerprint scanners on other mobile phones. Its great when a technology can definitively help you do things faster and more secure, even if it is as simple as unlocking your phone. But just like anything else there is always room for improvement. 

Through a bit of 'learning' your iPhone can recognize your fingers even faster. For starters, add more than one finger to your list of 'approved' digits. This can be done in the main menu of the Touch ID settings (Settings > Touch ID & Passcode). 

JPEG image-94A9ADAB2AEC-1.jpeg

From here you are given the option to input up to 5 different fingerprints for recognition. Our recommendation is to input both thumbs and both index fingers, and then add the thumb you use the most a second time. This will allow to you unlock your phone in nearly any situation with Touch ID. 


Finally, after you've input your fingers and while you are still in the Touch ID settings, place the fingers you used and place them over the Touch ID sensor again until the respective finger is highlighted. This lets your phone learn that finger just a little bit more. 

Do these things and your Touch ID will be set up and as fast as possible! Have a tip for us? Leave a comment!